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"I never thought painted cabinets would look this good" 

- B.M. (Macdonald Realty)

Refinishing the cabinetry in your kitchen or bathroom is a cost effective way to add value to your home. 


Our perfected system allows you to have cabinets that look like new for less than a quarter of the price.


And you'll feel great about your choice because a lot less will end up in the landfill.


We are fond of saying that it should be called "Prepping" not "Painting." A paint job is only as good as the amount of preparation put into it. As a result, our projects last longer and save our clients more money.  


Our cabinet team is made up by professionals who have worked with cabinets for years. We take great pride in the glassy smooth spray finish we can create on your cabinets.

  • Removal and Labeling of Panels

  • Removal of Hardware

  • Stacking, Washing, Sanding

  • ​Prime or Stain

  • ​Sprayed Laquer Finish (Clear-coat or Colour)

  • Drying and Curing

  • Re-install Panels

  • ​Re-install Old (or Even New) Hardware

  • ...Clean up

  • All within a week!

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